On location, France. Photo: Vincenzo Cesareo  

On location, France. Photo: Vincenzo Cesareo



I help people like you tell your story.

I'm John Cummings, an award-winning cinematographer/lighting cameraman. I distill three decades of incredibly diverse experience into every project I touch. I work worldwide with production shops, journalists, content producers, ad agencies and indie producers--shooting corporate and marketing videos, entertainment programs, documentaries and doc elements, branded content and doc-style commercials.

I've shot for some of America's biggest brands, as well as hundreds of segments and episodes for popular programs on HGTV, DIY, PBS, Discovery, Food Network, History, Animal Planet and many others. Foreign clients include the the BBC, ITV, RTE and Al Jazeera English. 

I also self-produce "little stories" that can have a big impact helping nonprofits and smaller businesses connect with their community. 

I'm versatile, creative and efficient...capable of producing high-quality work quickly. I'm known in the industry as a well-seasoned pro that can roll with whatever might happen and deliver the goods. Someone that can make even the most mundane subject matter look interesting. Someone that can "run and gun" while still producing a creative, cinematic look.

When time, budget and results intersect,  I'm often the first call for many producers.