On location, France. Photo: Vincenzo Cesareo   

On location, France. Photo: Vincenzo Cesareo


A Cleveland-based cinematographer/lighting cameraman, I distill over three decades of incredibly diverse experience into every project I touch. I've done countless shoots about people, places and things...in nineteen countries, five continents, 49 states...and counting.  Along the way, I've interacted with thousands of people from every walk of life...ordinary and extraordinary. 

I began my career in the deadline-driven tv news industry before hanging out my shingle and getting sucked into the curious world of "reality" entertainment. These days my work is a bit more nuanced, but those early hard-won skills still have a useful spot in my creative toolbox. Over the years, I've learned a few things about my craft: Commit to the shoot and be decisive. Talk less, listen more. Shoot with both eyes open. Notice the details. Work the light. Watch and listen for the little moments and always expect the unexpected. Sometimes it's the shot in between the shots that'll make the sequence sing.

I specialize in nothing. I'm a blue-collar cinematographer that's capable of punching well above my weight. My niche is producing solid, cinematic work, done more quickly...often under less-than-ideal conditions. My work tends to be less slick, a little more organic. I prefer single camera with a small, fast-moving crew, but I'm also comfortable working solo. My passion is documentary work, but I also shoot documercials, sales and marketing, healthcare, science, corporate and some commercial work. Also a lot of short films for museums, various faith-based groups and other nonprofits. 

All in all, I'm creative, versatile and efficient, very easy to work with and love to collaborate. Whether your shoot is across town or halfway around the world, I'll give it all the same care, attention and craftsmanship.