A cinematographer/lighting cameraman, I distill over three decades of incredibly diverse, real-world experience into every project I touch. I've done countless shoots about people, places and things. My work with nonprofits and corporate clients have taken me to nineteen countries, five continents and 49 states.  Along the way, I've interacted with thousands of people from every walk of life...ordinary and extraordinary. 

A brief history: I was a Denver-based photojournalist before going freelance back home in the Chicago area. There, I did a wide variety of corporate and marketing work and shot dozens of run and gun entertainment shows on HGTV, Food Network and many others. Moving to Cleveland several years ago, my work these days is a lot more varied and a bit more refined, but all those early skills still hold a very useful spot in my creative toolbox.

My recipe for a good shoot: Commit to it and be decisive. Talk less and listen carefully. Work with both eyes open. Notice the details. Take advantage of natural light and augment it sparingly. Relax the subjects, then fade away.  Anticipate the little moments and always expect the unexpected. Keep an eye on the schedule. Don't get hung up on getting the perfect shot. Cinema basics I do automatically: Frame and counter-frame, sequencing, left/right weighted interviews and broll, establishing shots, cutaways, drifts, transitional shots, and listen for interesting natural sound. Gearwise, I'm a minimalist. I don't like to get bogged down with a lot of gear, preferring to pull out only what I know I'll need. That helps keep us moving.

I'm a blue-collar cinematographer that is, on a good day, capable of producing world-class work. That is my constant goal. My market niche is producing solid, cinematic work, done more quickly and usually under less-than-ideal conditions. Some of my clients say I excel at finding shots when they're hard to find. I love hearing that. My work tends to be less slick, a little more organic. Documentary-style work is my passion, but I also have extensive experience doing broadcast entertainment, documercials, sales and marketing, healthcare, science, nonprofits, corporate/industrial and even some commercial and tabletop work.  

Bottom Line: I'm creative, versatile, very efficient and easy to work with. I tend to think like a producer and always shoot for the cut. Whether you have a quick gig across town, a multi-day regional shoot or are planning a trip halfway around the world, I promise to always bring my "A" game and never lose sight of my primary mission: making you look good.