Sony 4K/HD  PMW-F5 with Zeiss Primes

Sony 4K/HD  PMW-F5 with Zeiss Primes

My 4K Sony F5 is professional cine-style camera, but also works well for run and gun work. It's state of the art and carefully equipped to be lightweight and efficient. For lenses, I use a combo of Zeiss primes and assorted EF mount zooms that collectively cover 11-300mm. 

I don't do the "camera in a grip truck" thing. I'm usually on the road or in the air,  so lean and mean is my mantra. 

Every piece of gear I own is specifically selected to keep us moving while providing a better look. For example, I'll often use my stabilized 4K Osmo Pro X5 camera instead of a traditional jib or dolly, saving hours setting up and striking bulky gear. I'll shoot powerful but compact LED's through collapsible diffusion to create large sources that move between setups quickly.  

All that means more time shooting, less time schlepping. More shots are always a good thing. 

Lighting includes a wide (and growing) array of bicolor/high CRI LED panels, 400W to 1200W Joker HMI's for more daylight punch when needed, and traditional tungsten fixtures by ARRI.  SmallHD monitors, dual-channel Lectrosonics SR digital hybrid mics/links, Sachtler support, Dana Dolly and a small kit of C-stands, booms, silks, bounce, flags and other standard grip round out the package. 


I bid each job based on what and where it is, but generally $1500/solo-$2000/ with audio op. Contact me for a quote. Multi-day and half-day rates available. I offer special rates for documentary producers, non-profits and shoot/edit productions. Rates based on a 10 hour day, portal to portal. Payment terms: Net 30.